Christian Education

Christian Education

We believe that learning about our faith and growing together in it are necessary for flourishing in the Christian life.  The goal of Christian learning is to form us into human beings who are fully swept up into the work God is doing in his world.  Learning is more than simply knowing; it is the internalization of truth that leads to mature thinking and acting.

One of the ways we can learn and grow together in our faith is through Christian Education. Covenant regularly offers classes during Common Ground that include a blend of biblical studies, theological education and Christian formation. Occasionally, we host guest lecturers.

Current Class Offerings

From Gospel to Apocalypse. Join us for this 9-week class taught primarily by Olivia Stewart Lester (Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Loyola University). Throughout this series, we’ll be introduced to the full New Testament canon and how these texts relate to the broader story of Scripture. We’ll also spend time each week in specific passages to help us better understand these books of Scripture.

In the Company of Jesus: Throughout the Gospels, Jesus teaches and cares for his disciples in unique ways. What can we learn from the way Jesus cares for those who are closest to him and what can it tell us about how he speaks to us? Join us for this 6-week class as we look at stories centered on things like power, suffering, listening well, and fear with an eye towards learning what Jesus means to teach us as we seek to follow him. 

Covenant Life Class: Join us for our Covenant Life Class taught by the staff. This 6 week class, beginning April 14 is for those who are interested in learning more about the church and the things we care about most, starting with the gospel.  This class is a requirement for those who wish to become members. Class will meet in the All Saints Room.