Christian Education

Christian Education

We believe that learning about our faith and growing together in it are necessary for flourishing in the Christian life.  The goal of Christian learning is to form us into human beings who are fully swept up into the work God is doing in his world.  Learning is more than simply knowing; it is the internalization of truth that leads to mature thinking and acting.

One of the ways we can learn and grow together in our faith is through Christian Education. Covenant regularly offers classes during Common Ground that include a blend of biblical studies, theological education and Christian formation. Occasionally, we host guest lecturers.

Current Class Offerings

Parenting in Light of the Gospel: In a world that feels as complex as ours does, the Gospel provides a lens that can inform our decisions where there are no easy answers. In this class, we’ll talk about the way that the Gospel shapes how we approach parenting in issues like discipline, technology, and mental health.

The Reluctant Prophet: In four short chapters, the book of Jonah tells the story of a runaway prophet. Taking us on a journey from the shores of Joppa to the heart of Assyria, this is the story of a God who is slow to anger and abounding in love and a prophet who would rather die than see his enemies receive grace.

Serving Our City: As a church in the city, one of the ways we love our neighbors is by working for the good of our city. Covenant does that in part through partnerships with other city ministries. Join us for this class to hear from various city ministries we serve with as a church and learn how you can be involved.

Past Classes

Additionally, you can find some recorded classes below.

Faithfulness in a World Forgotten: The Church in the Middle Ages

Jesus Through Her Eyes: Women’s Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels

Liturgy: Practicing in the Presence of God

Should We Cancel David? A Conversation about Sinning Saints