Christian Education

Christian Education

We believe that learning about our faith and growing together in it are necessary for flourishing in the Christian life.  The goal of Christian learning is to form us into human beings who are fully swept up into the work God is doing in his world.  Learning is more than simply knowing; it is the internalization of truth that leads to mature thinking and acting.

One of the ways we can learn and grow together in our faith is through Christian Education. Covenant regularly offers classes during Common Ground that include a blend of biblical studies, theological education and Christian formation. Occasionally, we host guest lecturers.

Current Class Offerings

Beauty & Meaning: Exploring Covenant’s Sanctuary. Covenant’s sanctuary was built in the 1930s by a Polish Catholic congregation. Its paintings, windows and altar tell a story about that congregation as well as a story about the role of art in the history of Christianity. What can we learn about the Christian story from our building and how can we engage meaningfully with the art in our sanctuary? Join us for this three-week class led by Hanah Vissepo in the Library during Common Ground.

Bad Blood: Did the holidays intensify some lingering family tension? Esau knows exactly how you feel – his brother always had a way of getting out ahead. Were you reminded who was really your dad’s favorite? Joseph’s brothers feel you. Join us for this six-week class looking at the conflicts between biblical siblings. What can we learn about human relationships from the stories of these families in conflict? In their fallen responses to one another, where can we learn a model of grace? This class will meet in the Library during Common Ground starting on January 22 and will be taught by Larissa Bossemeyer and Mark Lester.

Practicing Faith with the Reformers. Our church stands within the reformed tradition, but what does that mean, particularly for the way we practice our faith? What parts of our daily practice of faith draw their origin from the works of Luther, Calvin and other reformers? Join us for this 6-week class that will look at some of the major names of the Reformation and focus on a few key doctrines that inform the way we practice, talk, and think about our faith. This class will meet in the All Saints Room during Common Ground beginning on January 22 and will  be taught by PD Young.

Past Classes

Additionally, you can find some recorded classes below.

Faithfulness in a World Forgotten: The Church in the Middle Ages

Jesus Through Her Eyes: Women’s Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels

Liturgy: Practicing in the Presence of God

Should We Cancel David? A Conversation about Sinning Saints