Fall Update from Pastor Aaron

Fall Update from Pastor Aaron

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August 26, 2021

Dear Church,

I can hear a constant chorus of cicadas outside as I’m writing this. To me, that sound is the reliable signal of the waning days of summer. The annual rhythm of the school year has already started for many of you, and for others it will start very soon. New beginnings and transitions are all around us this time of year, and I’m writing to let you know about some plans we’re making here at church for later in the Fall that I’m excited and hopeful about.

First, we’ll have new start times for our two Sunday morning worship services. Starting on October 3, we’ll meet at 9:00 am and 11:15 am. Some of the adaptations we’ve made to our worship over the last year and half or so will remain, but those of you who’ve been around a little longer will notice a return to some of the things we practiced together in our pre-pandemic worship. We’ll talk about the changes we’re introducing to our liturgy (or re-introducing, as the case may be) as we begin to incorporate them.

Here’s why we’re changing the service times: to accommodate gathering, growing and learning together. The second change we’re making is to Common Ground, which will be expanded and provide for additional opportunities for us to gather together on Sundays. During this time between the services, we’ll have a full slate of offerings for both kids and adults. For the kids, there will be a nursery available, and Sunday School for kids pre-K through High School. For adults, there will be at least two education options during the school year as well as a space to gather and talk with each other. And of course, there’ll be coffee and snacks for everybody!

Here’s why I think these changes are a great idea for us:

-We’ll have more time built in for community on Sunday mornings. The shorter transition period we currently have between services can sometimes lead to a sense of two congregations passing each other. If we take advantage of it, I think this longer, more relaxed time between services could go a long way towards helping us get to know one another in deeper ways.

-This creates a place for all the kids of Covenant to get to know their peers regardless of which service their family attends.

-This will help foster a habit of older kids and teens worshipping with their families in addition to attending class together.

-This creates a simple way for adults to learn together regardless of which service they usually attend.

Starting on October 3, this is what the Sunday morning schedule will look like:

9:00 am – First Service

10:15 am – Common Ground (nursery, Sunday school, adult education, refreshments)

11:15 am – Second Service

More details about all of this will be coming over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll plan on making Common Ground a part of your Sundays as often as you can starting on October 3!

With love,

Pastor Aaron