Pursuing the Marriage You Want

Pursuing the Marriage You Want

A workshop for married couples as well as individuals who desire marriage.

Teaching by Dr. John Cox clinical psychologist

Topics include:

* Enriching Marriage Through Personal Growth
* Making Closeness Work
* Having Conflict Without A Fight

Saturday, March 21st , 9:00 am to 3 pm

The fee is self-selected between $25 – $55/person based upon ability to pay. We encourage full payment if possible. Also, we’d love for you to consider further (tax-deductible) donations toward the cost of the event! You can make a donation online for this event by contributing to the counseling ministry.

A continental breakfast and a boxed lunch are included; lunch options will be provided in a follow-up email.

No childcare will be provided at Covenant because of the length of event, but access to a list of possible babysitters will be provided in a confirmation email after you register.