Jesus Through Her Eyes

Jesus Through Her Eyes

Women’s Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels. Join Larissa Bossemeyer and Olivia Stewart Lester (professor of New Testament at Loyola University) as they have conversations about Jesus’ interactions with seven women in the Gospels. Each week, they’ll talk together about an interaction Jesus has with a woman in order to learn about him from her unique perspective. Every Wednesday (Feb 17- Mar 31), they’ll release a recorded conversation, and they’ll host bi-weekly discussions about them on Sundays at 12:30 pm (beginning Feb 28). You can find a schedule below with links to the conversations when they’re available. Questions? Contact Larissa Bossemeyer (

February 17: The Woman at the Well

February 24: The Woman Who Longs to Be Healed

February 28, 12:30pm: Discussion on Zoom

March 3: Mary and Martha, Part 1

March 10: Mary and Martha, Part 2

March 14, 12:30 pm: Discussion on Zoom

March 17: The Anointing Woman

March 24: Mary, Mother of Jesus

March 28, 12:30 pm: Discussion on Zoom

March 31: The Women at the Tomb