Call to Community

Call to Community

This Fall, Covenant will have a series of Calls to Community that focuses on the three parts of our vision statement: worship, grow and learn, and service. You can listen below to Pastor Aaron talk about each of these areas below.

Call to Community: Grow and Learn

We believe that learning about our faith and growing together in it are necessary flourishing in the Christian life. The goal of Christian learning is to form us into human beings who are fully swept up in the work God is doing in his world.  If you’d like to learn more about any of the options to grow and learn at Covenant, contact Larissa Bossemeyer.

Call To Community: Serve

We believe the natural outcome of receiving and experiencing grace is to be propelled outward into mission and service. Every one of us has been given gifts to use for the good of our common life and for the good of the broken world around us. Visit our service page to learn about how you serve our community and partner ministries.